Philosophie, Illustrierte Karte des Gersthofer Marktes

Main thing Grätzel

We are convinced “Grätzel people”. We live, love and work here in our Grätzel – the cottage quarter or “Cottäääsch-Viertel” in Gersthof.

Traveling around the world is of course beautiful and exciting and educational. And we have done it again and again. But it feels really good at home, in your own “hood”.

Here you know each other, here you know who and what comes from where. Distances are manageable here. Here, everything you need is close at hand. Even the tastes, although they are supposed to be different.

At Diglas on the market, tastes are very similar. Here there is a pronounced preference for the seasonal, the regional, the simple, the practical, the personal, the sustainable.

Our offer is designed accordingly: Ingredients from the region, from producers we know, from fair supplier relationships, with sustainable or at least biodegradable packaging, homemade.

Less is more.

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